Protect The Earth With KAZE

Little steps to make the world better

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Why are we doing this?

KAZE is designed to be hygienic and to have high filtration, even after prolonged use. To reach this level of protection, KAZE is one-day disposable. We want to do our part and make KAZE more sustainable.

What are we doing?

Packaging materials are recyclable.

KAZE is actively using recyclable packaging materials. The paper box and mailing carton that each KAZE comes in can be recyled. This means putting less burden on our Earth.

You can reuse the package, too.

Starting from Hong Kong, KAZE is offering a reusable packaging bag to replace the paper packaging box. After using all the KAZE you received, you can use the bag for various purposes. A bag for your slippers, for your cosmetics... Just reuse it as you wish!

Future plans?

We understand what we are doing is still miniscule. There is more we should be doing. But please join us on our journey to make KAZE more sustainable, and the world a better place to be.

Come along with us on this journey